Michael Weikath
Michael Weikath - Captain Of Guitars

Birthday: August 7, 1962

Birthplace: Hamburg

Height: 190cm

Weight: 75kg

Former Band: Powerfool

Musical Influences: The Beatles, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Scorpions, UFO, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols, Wishbone Ash

MICHAEL WEIKATH was born in Hamburg on 7 August 1962. In his early days he spent almost all his free time at his parents’ tube stereo set, listening to all the stations available at the time, often too long and so loudly that he got dizzy and had to go to bed. He regards those days his ‘studying years’. “Got one of those first little battery-powered transistor radios, too, first cassette recorder when I was 9 years old...” he says. “Making crap ‘yeah yeah yeah oooh’ Ukulele Xylophone washing powder drum recordings with a few classmates, man, THOSE were bad!” Michael started school in 1969. The first album he owned was The Beatles Best Collection 62-66 and he went to his first rock concert at the age of 13: Ocean, a Wishbone Ash/Boston type Hamburg band....Weikie remembers how he returned home quite drunk that evening and got into trouble with his mother.

In 1974 he had lessons in acoustic guitar for one year and got himself an electric guitar and a distortion box one and a half years later. He went on to have rehearsal-like experiences with friends and even an imaginary punk band called Indeed. The second major rock concert he went to was Aerosmith at the Auditorium Maximum Hamburg in 1977; the ticket cost 5 DM (2 $) at the time. He left school in 1982 and then completed a period of alternative civilian service instead of military service. His first original band, called Powerfool, was created in 1978 , but he played in other bands at the same time from 1981/1982 onwards too, like in the school band SAS Band (he was recruited mainly for arrangements but ended up playing guitar as  well, out of mere boredom; the original version of How Many Tears was also recorded with that band) or Blast Furnace (along with Markus Grosskopf on bass), later joined by the Powerfool drummer sometime in 1983/1984. Kai Hansen played guitar in Powerfool for a few weeks, filling the gap left by previous keyboard players. A few weeks later, they left and ended Powerfool to reform Kai’s former band Iron Fist, Markus returned from Blast Furnace and they tried to get the Helloween concept up and running and started presenting rehearsal room tapes to Noise Records Berlin; ...that’s when the trouble started...