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"MISSION LOUD PARK 12" accomplished!

Dear Japanese Fans, we just arrived back home still getting goosebumps while we´re thinking of the Show at the Saitama Super Arena. Great organization and lovely fans, you guys were simply amazing !!!

Thank you for all and see you soon on our upcoming tour !

Andi, Michael, Sascha, Markus and Dani


“STRAIGHT OUT OF HELL” – Tracklisting revealed!

Straight to you from the headquarters: The new album will feature 13 mostly fast-paced songs – impressively multi-layered due to their different songwriters: Andi, Michael, Markus and Sascha.

Weikath: “STRAIGHT OUT OF HELL is the consequent development of the two albums before. The new songs are a continuation of the “7 Sinners” directives, only less doom-bound and noticeably more positive. These songs will kick even the laziest listener’s ass.” The best example of HELLOWEEN’s ability to think outside the box of metal cliché is the first single from STRAIGHT OUT OF HELL: “Nabataea”.


New album “STRAIGHT OUT OF HELL” out January 18, 2013 and first shows confirmed

What Charlie Bauerfeind has been producing at the MiSueno Studios throughout the last months is the consequent follow-up for “7 Sinners”. Matching the tour motto and even more so the hellish new songs the upcoming album is called “STRAIGHT OUT OF HELL”. It will be released worldwide January 18 and will turn winter 2013 into a pretty hot affair. At this time, Charlie and the boys are giving the finishing touches to the production. “STRAIGHT OUT OF HELL” will also be featuring a limited version with bonus tracks and special packaging...more infos to come!

The ‘remake’ of the „Hellish Rock Tour“ of 2007/2008 is taking shape. The bookers are working at full blast and can already announce the first dates of the upcoming world tour under the colors of “Hellish Rock Part II”. Check out under the Tour-section...

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upcoming concerts:

2015-06-03 Zoetemeer
2015-06-05 Geiselwind
2015-06-06 Tampere
2015-06-20 Natz
2015-07-24 Barcelona

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