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On February 28 the worldwide “Hellish Rock Part II” tour finally kicks off – and naturally not only the guys on stage will be going full force, but your power and creativity will be needed as well to make every single show an unforgettable “Helloween-Party from Hell”. After the Dr. Stein lookalikes made the stages quake on the “7 Sinners” tour, it’s now time to rock the whole venues. Dress as Dr. Stein, Keeper, Mrs. God, in the style of the new pumpkin soldiers, or as whatever else you can come up with thinking about Helloween, and celebrate the loudest carnival of your life. Of course, the wildest disguises will be rewarded once again: The best outfits will receive a small gift at the merchandise stand, and the winners will also gain an eternal spot in the legendary “Hall of Hell” on Helloween’s homepage. So, go through your wardrobe and ransack the next costume shop – coming up next: Hellish Helloween Live on Tour!



After “Straight Out Of Hell” made band history with their entry at #4 in Germany, the album rocks the charts worldwide as well: Helloween’s fourteenth studio album is huge success internationally. In Japan, the new album went to #2 in the international album charts, and just like in Germany, it scores the highest entry ever in Sweden with #6. More rankings in the best 10 are announced from Finland (#4), Czech Republic (#4) and Hungary (#10) – making it six Top 10 entries worldwide.



The fact that “Straight Out Of Hell” is explosive stuff was a given before the release – but that the album would have such an impact is simply unbelievable: “Straight Out Of Hell” has just hit #4 in Germany and scored the highest position in band history!! This sensational chart entry wouldn’t have been possible without those 990,000+ fans on Facebook and everyone else at their computer desktops and sales counters. And now, international metal heads should be putting on their protective gear as well: “Straight Out Of Hell” is at #2 in the international album charts in Japan and enters the charts in Finland at #4 – more chart news to follow this week.

But first things first: Here comes a huge, fireproof THANK YOU from the guys straight from Miami, where they are rocking the”70.000 Tons of Metal”-Cruise with full force, and will surely celebrate the big news from Germany adequately. Helloween will thank each and every one of you loyal Pumpkin-Heads on the world tour, kicking off in Barcelona on February 28.


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