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Rabbit Don't Come Easy







Besides the Scorpions and Accept, Helloween are one of the founders and one of the most popular bands ever in the german rock and heavy metal scene. Helloween managed to be one of the few german bands to break into the USA., and sold almost half a million records with such classics as “Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1 and 2” in the USA.

Helloween are still one of the leading acts in their genre, as they have earned many gold and platinum awards in many countries such as Japan, and every album they have released has reached the top 20 in the german music charts. Helloween are regarded as the godfathers of power metal and have influenced almost every band in the genre. Even in their third decade of existence, their impact on the scene is enormous, and the band is playing as well today as they did almost 18 years ago! With their new album, “Rabbit Don’t Come Easy”, they prove to be unique and even developed yet they still maintain their trademark Helloween sound. Helloween have always been one step ahead by being extremely versatile in their songwriting.



Artwork Rabbit Don't Come Easy


May 12th, 2003


Andi Deris (Vocals)
Michael Weikath (Guitars)
Sascha Gerstner (Guitars)
Markus Grosskopf (Bass)
Stefan Schwarzmann (Drums)