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Straight Out Of Hell







  • Produced, engineered and mixed by Charlie Bauerfeind for S.C. & Services
  • Recorded & mixed at Mi Sueno Studio, Tenerife, ES
  • Additional engineering and editing by Thomas Geiger
  • Keyboards arranged and performed by Matthias Ulmer
  • Additional backing vocals by Billy King and Olaf Senkbeil
  • Management & booking: Bottom Row - the music agency –
  • Band photography, artwork & 3D design: Martin Häusler –
  • Pumpkin Illustrations by Marcos Moura
  • Webpage & webshop: David Bredebach & Silke Bredebach
  • Issued under licence from HELLOWEEN GbR, Germany
  • All songs published by Warner Chappell Music GmbH & CO. KG


Do we really have to worry? Is our civilization standing right on the edge of the abyss? Is the Maya calendar actually right, predicting the end of the world on December 21, 2012? New age circles are convinced that the apocalyptic prophecy can be derived from the Mesoamerican civilisation’s calendar. “Complete bullshit”, reckons Andi Deris, singer of German melodic metal band Helloween. “We will all survive the year 2012 and face an even more positive and energetic future.” Helloween have documented how this future could look like, or rather sound like, on their latest studio album Straight Out Of Hell, scheduled right after the alleged doomsday on January 18, 2013.


Artwork Straight Out Of Hell


January 18th, 2013


Andi Deris (Vocals)
Michael Weikath (Guitars)
Sascha Gerstner (Guitars)
Markus Grosskopf (Bass)
Dani Löble (Drums)