On February 28 the worldwide “Hellish Rock Part II” tour finally kicks off – and naturally not only the guys on stage will be going full force, but your power and creativity will be needed as well to make every single show an unforgettable “Helloween-Party from Hell”. After the Dr. Stein lookalikes made the stages quake on the “7 Sinners” tour, it’s now time to rock the whole venues. Dress as Dr. Stein, Keeper, Mrs. God, in the style of the new pumpkin soldiers, or as whatever else you can come up with thinking about Helloween, and celebrate the loudest carnival of your life. Of course, the wildest disguises will be rewarded once again: The best outfits will receive a small gift at the merchandise stand, and the winners will also gain an eternal spot in the legendary “Hall of Hell” on Helloween’s homepage. So, go through your wardrobe and ransack the next costume shop – coming up next: Hellish Helloween Live on Tour!

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