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by David Bredebach


Rock in Rio

Asia, it was unbelievable. 8 shows in 12 days, 3 of which in Tokyo. Plenty of euphoric fans and sold-out venues, delighted journalists, and at the finish 30,000 Indonesian Pumpkinheads at the show @ Kukar Rocking Festival. And then, the whole thing was topped off by an invitation by sultan Haji Adji Salehuddin II of Kutai Kartanegara ing Martadipura of Borneo: After the official ceremony with dance, meal and swords as gifts for the whole band, you could consider it more than enough events for one metal summer. But far from it: In 2013, the expression ‘break’ simply doesn’t exist in the Helloween universe.

So, upon arrival the flight cases are loaded up again, because the festival season is getting off the starting blocks, and Andi, Weiki, Sascha, Markus, Dani, and the live crew have only just begun to warm up! To preheat, here’s a look back on the biggest headliner show in band history at 2011’s legendary Polish Woodstock Festival in front of an incredible half a million people: Anyone who doesn’t reach at least ‘Hellish Rock Operating Temperature’ with this awesome version of “Where the Sinners Go”, probably really needs to resort to a real ‘Festival Show From Hell’. Available without a prescription from today on:




06/21/13         F, Clisson – Hellfest

06/22/13         PL,  Jaworzno – Metalfest

06/28/13         B, Dessel – Graspop

07/11/13         S, Svedala – Sommarrock

07/26/13         S, Rejmyre – Skogsrojet

08/03/13         FIN, Kuopio – Rock Cock Festival

08/10/13         SK, Snina – Rock pod Kamenom

08/15/13         F, Colmar – Festival de la Foire

08/24/13         D, Schleswig – Balitc Open Air

09/22/13         BR, Rio de Janeiro – Rock in Rio

11/16/13         D, Weissenhäuser Strand – Metal Hammer Paradise

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